surfacegraniteYou have gone and spent so much energy and time choosing the perfect granite piece for your kitchen counters. That’s a good thing.  Always remember there’s still another thing to do: pick the edge for your new slab of beauty..

Granite is strong and firm, but projections and also sharp edges chip more easily compared to a smoothed out edge. Before we deliver your countertop, Flooring and Granite Direct will prepare the edge by sending it through the machining process into the shape and style you prefer. Let’s take a look at some of the various styles you could choose from.

Straight Edges




Straight With Apron







radius (1)


Straight edges are great in any type of kitchen. They are particularly appropriate for tidy styles. More stylish edges are known to attract attention but you have to be careful of the fact that  you do not want it to take away from the beauty of the entire piece of granite or from various other areas of your kitchen. Therefore you’ll want to be sure to find a balance so that you select an edge that does not dominant the room. Straight Edges also makes a great alternative when you pick a more detailed edge on a kitchen island or shower room vanity.

Keep in mind that straight edges are not at all sharp. The edges are somewhat rounded to secure the granite and everyone near it from harm. The amount of rounding depends on you. The top side can be rounded out as well as the lower portion can be squared on the radius edge. Or it can just barely have the side softened. You can choose a basic edge on your 2cm or 3cm piece or you could go with a laminated side that makes your piece look thicker. These will measure 4cm in profile.

Curved Edges



full_bullnose (1)

Full Bullnose




Demi Bullnose


Tuscan Curve


O’Gee Over Full Bullnose


Full Bullnose


O’Gee Bullnose

ogee (1)


Rounded edges can be standard or fancy. They soften the feeling of the area as well as function just as well in a modern design as they carry out in a classic style. Look to the details in your cooking area for motivation. You might want to resemble the contours of the cupboards or enhance the architecture of the area.

Curves are simple to tidy and also one of the best options if you worry about little heads bumped or hips capturing edges. These are additionally offered in the laminated style or in the normal density of the slabs’s surface area.

Fancier Edges




O’gee Over Versailles


Demi Bullnose


O’gee Top & Bottom


Full Bullnose


O’Gee Bullnose with Stepout

If you truly intend to make a statement with your countertops, a fancier edge will certainly attract the focus you are trying to find. These edges incorporate what many consider simpler sides into a whole brand-new style or produce something entirely special.

These sides are generally for kitchen area islands as they can come to be overwhelming if overused. They make the island the classy center of attention. Select a Fancier Edge that matches your design however will not dominate the overall design in the room. A few of these edges need the laminated 4cm edge to obtain the specialized appearance.

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